Care for your Instrument

Care for your instrument

At Sygnus Strings we recognise that your music is important to you. To produce fine music the instrument that you have hired from us should be maintained and cared for.

Here are the main things that we advise that our customers do to ensure years of trouble-free playing.

  1. Keep the instrument at a steady temperature (do not leave it in the car, or by a source of heat)
  2. instrument and bow should be in their case when not being played
  3. remove shoulder rests and mutes before putting in the case
  4. metal jewellery can scratch the instrument so take care
  5. never carry the instrument by the finger board (ideally you hold the neck or the body)
  6. wash your hands before playing
  7. do not touch the bow hair
  8. loosen the bow when not being used
  9. friends who are not musicians do not handle the instrument
  10. use the blue microfibre cloth to dust your instrument after each lesson
  11. ask your teacher to adjust the bridge whenever they tune the instrument

Please do not attempt any repairs yourself should you suspect that the instrument is damaged. Should you need further advice or encounter any problems then pleaseĀ contact us.

Unfortunately a small number of our instruments do get mistreated: we recover the costs for professional repair from those customers. So protect your finances by caring for your instrument!

Above all – enjoy your instrument!